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About Us


Welcome to Butterfly Treasures!

Hi, I’m Kim Smith and I’m the founder of Butterfly Treasures.

I started Butterfly Treasures because I wanted to give young kids educational activities that are fun to do while teaching them the foundations of learning.  I have toddler age grandchildren that are starting to learn their letters, numbers, colors, handwriting, etc., and I wanted to help them get a head start on getting ready for kindergarten.  I wanted to help them in a way that made learning fun for them and easy for their mothers.  Because of this, I started creating activity books for them and looking for different activities/games for them that encouraged their creativity, imagination, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

We want to make learning fun and to help your child soar in school with our fun activities.  Using simple and fun activities, children can learn new skills.  Our activities can support your child’s success in school by teaching the alphabet, numbers, handwriting, shapes, colors, early math, critical thinking skills, reading comprehension and more.

We also wanted to be a resource for parents.  Many of us are busy with day-to-day life, so we don’t have time to create educational activities for our children and we also don’t have time to learn how to use educational resources for our kids.  So, we have come up with activities to teach kids as they are doing them, without needing a lot of instruction/help from their parents.

Whether you are supplementing schoolwork, homeschooling, or giving your kids something to do that doesn’t involve a video screen, we can help you.

Thank you for the opportunity to help your child on their learning journey.


Make learning fun and see your child’s face light up!